Travel reservations ensure that the prepared traveler will have all of the necessary accommodations for the trip, including airfare, hotel room, and tickets to tourist attractions. Although some people like to travel spontaneously, many more prefer the security of knowing that they have reserved seats or transportation in the travelers' names for specific flights, cruises, hotel rooms, car rentals, and/or whatever else they to want to do on their trips. A travel reservation is an insurance policy of sorts, insuring that a space is reserved in that name for personal use. "Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire" (Ecclesiastes 6:9).

Not too long ago, if people wanted to reserve any trip arrangements, they had to go through their local agents. Speaking with a representative at the local booking agency does allow for face-to-face communication when making travel reservations, and many such agencies thrive based on their commitment to personalized customer satisfaction. However, with the proliferation of travel-oriented Web sites, many communities have lost their local agencies to the online travel reservation competition. Many appreciate the ease of checking preplanned arrangements while in their own home and don't need assistance from agents to do it for them.

Online booking systems are very easy to navigate. From just about all of the major travel reservation sites one can compare flight schedules and fares, hotel room availability and rates, and car rental information too. Once having determined exactly where planning to go, how the traveler wants to get there, and what they will want to do upon arrival, all of the arrangements can be made online.

Many booking agencies promote special deals that might not be available to be taken advantage of except through their services. Special rates can be found on certain flights, for example, or exclusive vacation package deals that include everything (airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, admission to local attractions, etc.), all in one low price. When researching the various travel reservation sites, be sure to click on their "special deals" for more information. A great bargain may be found and booked for some much-needed relaxation.

Especially important for people who do not travel often and for people who are traveling to foreign countries where they do not speak the language is the necessity to have as much of the trip preplanned and booked in advance as possible. Much has changed in the travel reservations business in this post-9/11, e-commerce world. The less left to chance in trip planning, the more peace of mind one will have during the trip. Travel reservations can offer a certain amount of security, so pre-plan, pre-book and have an enjoyable, relaxing, anxiety-free vacation.


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