Internet is the best source to get information about flight schedule - departure and arrivals, delay if any and present status. US Federal Aviation Administration provides airport status information at its website. There is a map of the country and search facility. By entering the airport, you can get its current status. The status information provided on this site indicates general airport conditions.

For flight-specific information, you can get the information from the airlines itself. Some websites also provides information on arrivals and departures of flights in the United States. For any particular flight at any airport, you can call the enquiry for arrival and departure of the particular plane.

There are also websites providing flight schedule information. You can get flight schedule of all major airlines. For example, if you are looking for a flight from New York to Beijing, you can get the information about flights between New York and Beijing. You can also know the frequency of cost of the flight.

Almost all airlines have their websites and they give information on flight schedule, arrival and departure or delay or cancellation of any flight. Some airlines also provide general flight information. Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, BMI, Continental, US Airways are some of the airlines operating in the United States.

There are also domestic multi-city flights in the US. There are two types of domestic multi-city flights: Multiple-destination flight. For example, you can start at Los Angeles to San Francisco to Las Vegas and come back to Los Angeles. Another option is you can return to a different city. You can start from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and go to San Diego. You can find the costs of tickets and schedule from the internet.

To make your travel inexpensive, there are low-fare airlines. Traditional airlines are little more expensive. Also, you can decrease the expenses on tickets if you plan properly. Enquire about the prices at the airlines or the internet.


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