Competition in the flight industry can only be a good thing for the consumer, most people would say. Or is it ?. Too much competition amongst major airlines can force these flight companies to fold. If major airline companies fold it's not a good thing for the consumer. It gives monopoly to its former competitors and this can result in high priced plane tickets. Its the game of snuffing each other out to win the market for the real kill. Only the strongest will survive.

We have seen in recent times, many major airlines go into administration, either due to bad management, competition and the ever rising cost of fuel. I am still waiting for someone to invent an passenger plane that runs on electricity, wouldn't that be grand. Just add two huge rechargeable energizer batteries before take off.

Future aeronautical technology can be beneficial to both the consumer and airline companies. In terms of aircraft running costs, fuel efficiency and the number of seating. A good example would be the Airbus aircrafts. Airbus has build the world's largest passenger aircraft, the A380 which can seat 555 passengers. Massive seating (customers) reduces running costs and this can only be beneficial to the consumer in terms of reduced plane tickets offered by airline companies.

As of now, the ball rolls around in the travellers court and so it should be. Cheap flights can be found on many travel agency and airline company sites. Travellers should take advantage of discounted plane tickets many travel agencies and airlines are offering at the moment.

Every now and then airline companies offer cheap flights with the aim of promoting customer loyalty. Sorry, but I am afraid that the only loyalty they achieve is for that period of the promotion. When tickets revert back to standard pricing, guess where all that loyalty goes? ...their competitors, offering an even lower priced ticket. I am sure you have seen the ads on TV, with the nice looking air hostess selling you a nice cosy environment and all the benefits when travelling. For domestic flights I'll buy a ticket, as long as the price is cheap, seating is reasonably comfortable and the rest are all frills. Eighteen hour International flights are a different story, here you look for the frills at cheap prices.


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